Blood for Dracula, 1974 - ★★½

Blood for Dracula, 1974 - ★★½


“Thats the way it is with all that rich trash, they're all sick and rotten”

- Servant (Joe Dallesandro)

Downbeat, camp and slightly bawdy variant on Dracula. The count decides he needs to take a new wife, so heads to Italy. The count has 2 requirements they must be attractive and a virgin, luckily he stumbles onto a financially struggling aristocrat who has four eligible daughters, possibly.

Re-watching this purely because I got into a bit of a debate last night over which Paul Morrissey 'Warhol' horror production was better 'Blood' or 'Flesh'. I watch 'Flesh' every few years because its such a wonderfully camp version of Frankenstein myth, I've only ever seen 'Blood' once and didn't enjoy it, so left it alone. On rewatching I still don't particularly like it. I'll concur theres one or two really great moments, especially the iconic bathroom scene Kier drinks the blood. And I did notice the working class aspect of Dallesandro's character this time, shame he couldn't act for shit.

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Would make an epic drinking game everytime Udo says Wergins. Ohh look its Roman Polanski hiding behind a mustache.

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