And God Said to Cain, 1970 - ★★★

And God Said to Cain, 1970 - ★★★


“This one is so lovesick, he carries his bed along with him. Are you expecting an orgy tonight?”

- Acombar (Peter Carsten)

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Revenge is a dish best served dead cold... Innocently sentenced Gary Hamilton gets released from prison and sets about getting revenge on those who wrongly put him away years earlier.

Better known for his US action ripoffs & horror output Antonio Margheriti directed atmospheric 70's spaghetti-western/revenge-thriller 'And God Said to Cain'/'E Dio disse a Caino' as if it were intended for the horror market. Its filled with eerily dark nocturnal scenes, garishly close face & eye shots and a weird Dr. Phibes-esque organ heavy soundtrack. Alex Cox voted it his 19th favorite spaghetti western and it was listed SWDB's 2nd in their alternate essentials. Sadly because it isn't one of the more populist eurowesterns I had to make do with an atrociously dubbed into English verison. So it was hard to make a call on how good or bad the actors really were. Klaus Kinski in the lead as Gary says very little anyway so it didn't affect him so much, but Antonio Cantafora as Acobars idiot savant son came across terribly. Kinski could very well have been a bit of an inspiration to Eastwoods character in High Plains Drifter' which came a few years later, but Eastwoods is by far the better film. I'd class 'And God Said to Cain' as more of an interesting oddity than essential.

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The bells, the bells, its church scenes easily its most memorable moment, Gary hanging a man from the church bells ropes, in order to attract attention.

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