The Ruthless Four, 1968 - ★★★

The Ruthless Four, 1968 - ★★★


“You rotten little cu...”

-Manolo Sanchez (George Hilton)

(the age old stopped mid-sentence gag)

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Sam Cooper builds a small gang of four men to help take a fortune in gold from a remote mine miles from civilization. Only tensions arise when each of the men become ever more paranoid, suspecting the others men want to take the loot for themselves.

'Ognuno per sé'/The Ruthless Four' directed by Giorgio' Capitani and written by Augusto Caminito and famed Italian director Fernando Di Leo is an enjoyable western, albeit a smaller less memorable western. Alex Cox voted it his 16th favorite spaghetti western. Its got a firm emphasize on the fours group dynamic, as in whose likely to kill who first. The four actors are all very good Van Heflin as leader Sam is the rustic nice guy (kinda), Gilbert Rolands the hansom step son Mason, Klaus Kinski's the weird one (hehe when isn't he) and George Hilton plays the darker ex-con Manolo. Not a film I'd lose sleep over tracking down, but if its showing on TV I'd definitely sit and watch it again.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Great ending (Mr. Tarantino had clearly seen for Reservoir Dogs). The tense OK Corral styled shootout. The strange hypnotic hold Kinski had over Roland (bordered on homoerotic).

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