Avida, 2006 - ★★★

Avida, 2006 - ★★★


“Rats, you little mother f@*kers.” - Avida (Velvet D'Amour)

There Will Be Odd... Avida is a batshit-bonkers comedy arthouse romp, that plays like a Dadaists version of The Goon Show. It's a stealing beauty tale told in vignettes following a set of ragtag guys who hang around or work at the zoo, and kidnap a wealthy potato chip loving womans vicious dog.

Filmed in grainy b&w Avida is both artistic and a little trashy at the same time, a sort of Luis Bunuel meets John Waters hybrid. Some of the segments work far better than others, each with changing moods from lighter playful segments say the goofing around with a down syndrome woman to heavier things like a taxidermist creating a syringe-mohawk'd fox. While other segments like the elderly bull fighter who decides to tackle a rhino felt out of a totally different project. Even though its relatively easy enough viewing, I'd probably class Avida as being a film for more dedicated curiosity seekers.

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The dumb zoo workers tranquilizing each other with rifle darts (I'd seriously love to know if they actually did it or not). Ohh almost forgot Claude Chabrol even turns up at the zoo.

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