Blue Ruin, 2013 - ★★★★

Blue Ruin, 2013 - ★★★★


"Thats what bullets do!"

- Ben (Devin Ratray)

Taught Tension: Years after his parents are murdered Dwight Evans returns to his rural homestead to get even. Only his brand of eye for an eye revenge spirals out of control, when his estranged family are roped into the situation.

Extremely enjoyable thriller from Jeremy Saulnier who delivered the brilliant 'Murder Party' several years back then hibernated. Blue Ruin doesn't do anything altogether innovative, but it skillfully builds with such an understated approach it doesn't need to do. Great performances all around the board, special nod to Macon Blair in the lead who pulls a great 'Walter White' styled everyman performance as Dwight Evens. I'd suspect this to feature in pretty much everyones best of end of year lists, purely as everyones sleeper entry.

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The pen scenes guaranteed to make that little sphincter nerve twitch.

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