Earthling, 2011 - ★★½

Earthling, 2011 - ★★½


After Judith suffers a miscarriage she starts to crackup but is she really losing her mind, or could she be linked to a recent event on a satellite orbiting earth. Thats sent a transmission to several earthlings releasing a dormant tumor linking them with an alien species.

Cerebral science fiction made at cost, from writer/director Clay Liford who really attempted to create something interesting with Earthling, but its painfully pedestrian buildup and obvious budget restraints (which I accept are out of the poor guys hands), sadly detracted from my enjoyment. Rebecca Spence really tries in the lead as Judith, the only face I recognized was Peter Greene's (who had played Zed in 'Pulp Fiction'). Damn I hate not giving this more of a positive review & score, but to do so would be like giving a special prize for trying even though you couldn't finish the race. Worth seeking out if your in the mood for an indie science fiction movie.

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Lots of cheesy Shivers looking alien parasites.

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