Bôkô honban, 1987 - ★★★½

Bôkô honban, 1987 - ★★★½


"In other words the brain can be developed through bideo games and we can bring about new potentials"

- Eiji (Narutoshi Ishikawa)

Eiji a teenager eager to follow in his late fathers scientific footsteps, perfects one of his old experiments to diminish the barrier between pain and pleasure. In order to test it out he hijacks a fertility drug test his mothers conducting. Eiji then follows the female patients to monitor their strange side effects.

'Boko Honban' aka 'Pleasure Kill' is Hisayasu Sato's original slightly less bloody, more sexually perverse original version of 'Naked Blood' (which came almost 10 years later). Outside of the obvious lack of excessive gore fx (though this is still extreme blood drenched) this film is pretty much identical. Where the films differ slightly is this version includes a video game obsession subplot, 'Naked Blood' had its crazy hypnotic cactus. And here Eiji graphically rapes his mother, while in the remake she manages to fight him off. I'm admittedly partial to Sato's brand of oddball sleaze, so I'm glad to have finally caught this oddity. Of course I had to view alongside its more popular remake.

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I'd love to know what bideogame the girl was addicted to, hell I didn't even recognize the console.

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