Splatter: Naked Blood, 1996 - ★★★★

Splatter: Naked Blood, 1996 - ★★★★


"From now on we will live forever"

- Eiji's Father (Tadashi Shiraishi)

Eiji a teenager eager to follow in his late fathers scientific footsteps, perfects one of his old experiments to diminish the barrier between pain and pleasure. In order to test it out he hijacks a fertility drug test his mothers conducting. Eiji then follows the female patients to monitor their strange side effects.

'Naked Blood' is Hisayasu Sato's excessively bloody though almost identical remake of his own'Boko Honban' aka 'Pleasure Kill' that he made 10 years earlier. Theres not a great deal different here you've got hypnotic cactus VR, and lots of over the top gore, like genital eating and eyeball gouging. While the original had video games and mother f@cking. I rewatched it ass2ass with the original and must admit this edges it for pure extreme overload, but if you ever get a chance I highly recommend the original movie as well. Ohh and David Cronenberg was almost set to make a sort of variant of this titled PainKiller, but it failed to materialize.

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Trying to see if amazon stocked Cactus VR sets yet.

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