Bronco Bullfrog, 1970 - ★★★

Bronco Bullfrog, 1970 - ★★★


"Hes the sort of kid that would take drugs, then introduce her to it, ya know!"

- Mrs. Richardson (Freda Shepherd)

Understated British counter culture yooof movie filmed in glorious b&w. Bored teenage suedehead Del buys a bike, gets a bird and gets mixed up in some proper strife.

WARNING!!! this film contains graphic scenes of mumbling, fidgeting and vacant stares. To be fair, cringe worthy acting aside and the fact it barely delves into the post-skinhead suedehead movement, Barney Platts-Mills's 'Bronco Bullfro' is an entertaining almost documentary feeling glimpse at working class disenfranchised youths. If nothing else its a great time capsule of late 60's London after it had stopped swinging.

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Legendary Manc tough man's Cliff Twemlow's score (even though theres not a lot on offer).

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