We Are the Lambeth Boys, 1959 - ★★★½

We Are the Lambeth Boys, 1959 - ★★★½


"Or you can sit and just watch the girls"

- The Commentator (Jon Rollason)

Karel Reisz's charming caricature of post war working class Cockney teenagers. Following a dozen or so youths, day to day lives, from their soul destroying jobs in pie factories and postal sorting offices, through to them boogieing their Friday and Saturday nights away at the local Alford house youth club dance. It comes complete with an amusingly dour narration, that sorta turns the whole film into a Pathe News wildlife documentary, with out narrator prying into the teens lives like he would an animals.

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The wolf whistling Lambeth boys truck journey home from a sporting facility.

Originally taken from Letterboxd

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