Crypt of Dark Secrets, 1976 - ★★★

Crypt of Dark Secrets, 1976 - ★★★


"In order to crossover to the next world, you've gotta walk over this rainbow or whatever the hell it is."

- Lt. Harrigan (Wayne Mack)

Colonel Ted Watkins is medically discharged from serving in Vietnam and takes up residence in a shack on a remote island in the New Orleans bayou. A group of swamp yokels kill him for his military pension. So black arts practicing, snake transforming witch Damballa resurrects him and Ted takes revenge on those responsible.

Enjoyably silly 70's supernatural b-movie cheapie from Jack Weis, notable for directing the video nasty Mardi Gras Massacre. Only 70 or so minutes its an hokey threat from start to finish, that even gets a little trippy at times.

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Maureen Ridley oiled up to the max as Damballa. Lt. Harrigan's half hearted 'is-this-gonna-take-long' stories. Hell Harrigan and Buck as the supernatural swamp cops deserved their own show.

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