Cross Bearer, 2012 - ★

Cross Bearer, 2012 - ★


"You and me we just exist. Taking up space, air, waiting to do die."

- Heather (Natalie Jean)

Heathers a lesbian stripper sick of dancing for cocksuckers, she tries to pull off a con against her boss so she can be with her lover Bunny. Only her scheme backfires when she encounters a sack headed sin hating killer.

The original movie was called "Strip Club Slaughter", and was a vulgar humorous slasher film, in the spirit of the 80s genre. IMDB Trivia

Woaah that sounds great, why the fuck did they change it

Cross Bearer is one of those tattooed suicide girls/alt music type horrors that are popping up a lot right now, that seem to have embraced torture porn like pedophiles to bears. The trouble is when your films along the quality of a Troma movie, you've got to take it far less seriously than filmmaker Adam Ahlbrandt does here. Its got a fine balance of blood and boobs but lacks any charisma or humour.

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Blow me over, some of its less heavy metal I enjoyed.

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