Dead Aim, 1975 - ★★★½

Dead Aim, 1975 - ★★★½


"Nigger boy they gonna hang you for this, you just knotted your own rope."

- District Commissioner (Jorge Russek)

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Orphaned at childbirth, Johnny was found in the desert by a wandering gravedigger named John Applebee, who named and raised him as his own. In order to fulfill elder Johnny's lifelong dream of one day owning their own cemetery, they roam the west burying the dead (even causing fights themselves when business is lax). Along their travels Johnny becomes obsessed with an outlaws prostitute wife, and they free a black soldier from the clutches of slavers who want to frame the innocent man for murder.

Probably the only western I'll get through today with it being World Cup final day (I may try do one later tonight based on who wins, should be amusing trying to find an Argentinian one). I've no shortage of ones to pick for up'n'coming weeks, having built up a crazy ass list my Sundays are gonna be booked till the next millennium.

I watched this under the named 'Lucky Johnny Born in America' (which I prefer over the one its listed here as) it was written and directed by José Bolaños and aka 'Arde baby arde'/'Dead Aim' its a 70's (shown at Venice film festival in 1971, but not publically released till 74) Mexican/Italian co-production. While its incohesive plot isn't all that special, being merely built around random characters our undertakers stumble on. Its still an engrossing action packed western thats also got a social conscience, throwing in bold themes about racial stigma, national roots and class. Like the plot, its pacing was loose (which I really love about westerns) and it featured fine cinematography. The actings good both 'Glen Lee' & 'James Westerfield' as the Johns and 'Virgil Frye' as outlaw Pogin cut impressive frontier types, and "Your one cwazy bastard son offa bitch" 'Venetia Vianello' made a strong female co-star. Sadly its a movie thats slipped under the radar, but its worth hunting down. I found it an entertaining film with lots of kickass moments.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Bitchin' intro that taught me rattlesnake tails make great babyrattles, one of its many aka's was Death Rattler you even hear the rattle sound through many of its shootouts. Soundtrack doesn't reflect the period, but its pretty funky. The black soldiers monologues could have been used in Tarantino's 'Django' (in fact they'd make a pretty great double bill).

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