Dead Snow 2, 2014 - ★★

Dead Snow 2, 2014 - ★★


"Jesus, Mary and Josef Starlin."

- Police Officer (Halldór Magnússon)

Deød Snøre 2: Lackluster sequel that picks up directly from the first movie. The Nazi zombies have left the mountain fjord and rampaging a small Norwegian town named Talvk. Martin who gained the arm of the nazi leader also gained the ability to resurrect the dead. He uses his new gift to raise a troop of Russian soldiers back from the dead, to help fight the nazi's before they try to conquer the world... again.

No snow, no originality and no signs of life. After a few fun deaths (including children, elderly and disabled, hey why should the able bodied 18-30's get all the fun) you felt any minute this shits gonna get wild, but sadly it never does. The inclusion of pop culture spewing 'nerdy American pro zombie killers' hindered more than helped it.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

The only fag in the fjord Glenn Kenneth bagged all the best lines and the tank got the best action.

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