Divergent, 2014 - ★½

Divergent, 2014 - ★½


"I thought it was intellect I sensed in you."

- Jeanine (Kate Winslet)

Beautiful coiffured youths run around playing an elaborate war simulation for close to 2 and half painfully long hours. Because thats whats expected of them in the asinine ravaged future, apparently.

Turgid studio attempt to cash in on coattails of Hunger Games success, by making a similar tale of youths rising against their expected set of social divisions and sticking it to the man, or in this case Kate Winslet sucking a boiled sweet. Looks pretty good for most part, but thats to be expected from a movie with a budget of 90m dollars. Did nothing for me, but teens seem to have enjoyed the crap out of it so its all good (tbh I may have done too if it hadn't been an hour too long).

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Easily the music playing during the zipline scene, at 1st I thought it was Bon Iver but turns out its that little French wizard M83 daylighting on soundtracks again.

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