Don't Touch the White Woman!, 1974 - ★★★

Don't Touch the White Woman!, 1974 - ★★★


"No, Mitch. Don't touch the white woman!"

- General George Armstrong Custer (Marcello Mastroianni)

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Farcical re-imaging of the 'Battle of the Little Big Horn' in modern day Paris.

If it hadn't been for Alex Cox voting it his 20th favorite spaghetti western, I doubt I'd have stumbled onto this (fuck you Cox, hehe sorry it wasn't that bad). Even though the story covers the 'Battle of the Little Big Horn' its hard to legitimately class it as a western. Because even though it keeps traditional cavalry and Indian costumes it resets the story in modern day Paris and mixes in 70's topical political themes like industrial decay, the Nixon regime and using war for commercials reasons.

I'm honestly not sure what I think because it lost me far too often (thats down to me being unfamiliar with French politics and civil war history than it being bad). I did search wiki on the Mitch character wonderfully played by Ugo Tognazzi, and found out hes based on Mitch Bouyer a Sioux Indian who became a scout for Custer during his last stand. If you are up on your history or willing to do the work you'll likely enjoy this far more than I did, its no Monty Python comedy mind you.

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Catherine Deneuve making the 4th hot fiery redhead of my day. The poignant fucked her like a tiger song. The insane cast of 1000s ending gets pretty bloody including an hilarious beheading.

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