Goal of the Dead, 2014 - ★★½

Goal of the Dead, 2014 - ★★½


"Scumbags like you are ruining the game."

- Coubert (Patrick Ligardes)
talking to an agent

A Major Parisian football team travel to a small French province for what should be an easy victory, only they've not planned on playing to such a dead set of fans.

Thierry Poiraud & Benjamin Rocher's 'Goal of the Dead' manages to capture the footballing side of the film much better than they do the zombie side, which is a bit of surprise given Rocher directed the fantastic 'The Horde'. They're clearly aiming for what Romero captured so well with his seminal 'Dawn of the Dead', by making the dead visit the stadium out of braindead worship like Romero did for them visiting the mall out of mindless consumerism, but Goal misses the net. Theres still a few good gags, like the star player hitting on under age girls and the manager ranting at the agent. Plus moments of cheesy gore like the obvious scoring with a severed head and corner flag staking. My subtitles used the dreaded 'S*CCER' term which pissed me right off, even NIKE dropped the use of soccer, infact the movie had far too many ads for playstation too.

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Using the stadiums confiscated hoodlum weaponry like flares, knifes and nunchuks?

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