Gingerclown, 2013 - ★½

Gingerclown, 2013 - ★½


“Time to die motherquacker!”

- Gingerclown (voice Tim Curry)

Are You Afraid Of The Dork... PG13 throwback to 80's initiation prank horrors, with added fullmoon styled talking rubber puppets. The jocks coax a nerd into spending the night in a shut down amusement park, that the local college kids believe is haunted.

Hungary nil points. Balázs Hatvani's Gingertown sounded like potential nostalgia nirvana, but it quickly turns to dumpster hell. Once you realize its billed cast of scream greats are actually phoned in voice cameos, you quickly lose interest. Visually its similar to Goosebumps. While the plot feels exactly like the weak wraparounds you get in horror anthologies, only without the actual stories included. Possible it'd keep the kids entertained on Halloween (maybe with the sound turned down during its course language), I'd sooner watch a baboons ass for 80 minutes than see it again.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Nothing. But I suspect genre fans reaction towards it, is going to be priceless.

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