I Hate My Body, 1974 - ★★★

I Hate My Body, 1974 - ★★★


“You'd always said the world belonged to men, and we could only fight them with our own weapons.”

- Mika Rohn (Eva León)

After a car accident left both of them clinically dead, a doctor transplants Ernesto Knolls brain into the attractive body of Leda Schmidt. On awakening Leda's faced with sexual desires for the same sex, while being confronted by sexual discrimination from the men she encounters.

Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand, why she walked like a woman and talked like a man... regularly overlooked psychotronic director León Klimovsky's helmed dozens of sexually stylish Spanish cult movies during the 60's & 70's, from decadent vampire sagas, Nascy Wolfmen, crime thrillers, zombies even westerns but nothing prepared me for his gender bending crime oddity I Hate My Body. Its more than a little perverse, politically incorrect and all out dumb. I had a ball watching it, its a perfect artifact to the mixed up muddled up times, girls could be boys and boys could be girls.

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Lots of hot looking Euro femme fatals including Alexandra Bastedo in the lead as Leda, Eva León and Blanca Estrada. Note to self must dig out Klimovsky's westerns (that I've never seen before).

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