Inside Llewyn Davis, 2013 - ★★

Inside Llewyn Davis, 2013 - ★★


"Where's its scrotum, Llewyn? where's its scrotum."

- Lillian Gorfein (Robin Bartlett)

Biopic of an unsung folk singer trying to cut a living in the harsh pre Dylan folk boom fame days.

I'd put this off for so long expecting it to be extremely dull. But for an itunes shuffled playlist randomly playing Fleet Foxes track earlier, enticing me to play their first LP (first time in years). That led to a spark of me being curious what Coens Insides Llewyn Davis's folk themed movie was like. Sadly its exactly as I'd first feared. Sure Davis seemed a great talent with real integrity but it doesn't make for a entertaining experience watching him for 90 or so minutes. The Coen's basically do a Lenny style biopic on an artist thats just boring, and Isaac is no Hoffman.

Its not even a case of not knowing what put me off about the movie - Folk, Abortion, Timberlake, Poverty, Cats, Dying Parent. Its the fact that there wasn't enough good, to outbalance the suck. My least favorite Coen which is no small task considering how much I hated their Ladykillers remake.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Thinking Bradley Mott was John Goodman under his beard, until John Goodman's character came into the movie. Always great seeing F. Murray Abraham again. P.S. I'm not really against folk I've seen Dylan several times live and his brief segment at the end was better than the entire music previous.

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