The Brides of Sodom, 2013 - ★

The Brides of Sodom, 2013 - ★


"I get it your shy, I'll break you in."

- Dyonisus (Dylan Vox)

When these vampires turn you, they really turn you. Gender bending softcore vampire trash destined for the bargain bins of seedy XXX shops (the ones with mono handed inbreds behind the counters). Outside of man'o'man/woman'o'woman theres a bit of mild blood and a thin plot about the bondage of humans to vampire masters.

Real looking blood, yay. Fake looking boobs, boo. I only resisted the obvious urge to throw in homophobic jokes, because of 1 reason... I had the pleasure of watching the original Twilight for my 1st and only time with a gay buddy of mine who'd begged me to see it (his reaction was priceless), so I know vampires are popular with gay crowds. This wasn't intended for me so it wasn't like I expected a great deal from it, recommend only to fans of sub-David DeCoteau homo-erotic horror.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

I'll not be getting 'Empire Films' mixed up with 'Empire Pictures' again in an hurry. Dylan Vox having the worst skin on film since The Goonies Jake Fratelli.

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