Jules and Jim, 1962 - ★★★

Jules and Jim, 1962 - ★★★


“The yearning of two hearts, create incredible pain.”

- Catherine (Jeanne Moreau)

Bizarre love triangle... Two lifelong friends Jules and Jim fall head over heals for same woman Catherine. Eventually Jules marries her, and over the war years the two friends grow apart. Years later the three meet up and Cathrine who is now a mother, starts to fall in love with Jim while still loving her husband Jules.

Tempestuous romantic drama from Francois Truffaut, featuring the mesmerizing Jeanne Moreau as Catherine. While I get why so many people are fond of it, it was far too talky (plus far too much damned narration) and melodramatic for my personal tastes. But I can't deny it was an interesting relationship the trio shared, and Moreau made it worth my time.

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Maybe it was just me but I felt there was much more going on between Jim & Jules (all the Oscar Wilde debating didn't help), than between either of them and Cathrine. Plus I couldn't shake the silly notion that it had been intended as a swingers recruitment film.

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