The Bride Wore Black, 1968 - ★★★½

The Bride Wore Black, 1968 - ★★★½


“Everygirl dreams of becoming a bride.”

- The Bride Julie Kohler (Jeanne Moreau)

Revenge is a bitch for five womanizing, hunting fanatic bachelors after they accidentally kill a groom on his wedding day. His bride having lost the only man shes ever loved vows to track each of them down and extort her own twisted brand of revenge.

Viewed while on a bit of a Jeanne Moreau kick. Francois Truffauts 'The Bride Wore Black' is one of those intriguing yet simple concept crime thrillers, that you rarely get these days. It doesn't take very long to see where Tarantino got much of the structure and inspiration for 'Kill Bill' from. Aged a little and probably could have been tighter in certain areas, but its a fun romp.

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Bernard Herman's typically classy score. MILF or not Moreau hit all the right notes, especially while dressed as Diane the Huntress, pew pew (sorry I don't do bow noises).

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