Lovers Are Wet, 1973 - ★★★½

Lovers Are Wet, 1973 - ★★★½


"Which is worse peeping or showing ?"

- Katsu (Toru Ohe)

Trying to hide from his dark past (possibly yakuza or maybe some sex crime), Katsu keeps a distance from everyone around him. He gets odd-job work in an adult cinema named Koraku. Eventually he becomes romantically involved with his bosses wife who works the ticket booth. Only she becomes obsessed when he starts hanging around with a couple of bohemian friends his own age named Yoko & Mitsuo.

Low key, polite pinku from extremely talented director Tatsumi Kumashiro. 'Koibito-tachi wa nureta' aka 'Lovers Are Wet' is so artistically shot it could be labeled the Nikkatsu version of François Truffaut's Jules and Jim. Such a drastic shift in tone towards Woods Are Wet (the only previous film I've caught of the director), I didn't enjoy it as much but it still cements him as being a step above his peers, in my book.

Strip leap frog, leading into the inevitable threesome. Putting the sexy in folk. My amusement at them watching British porn in their cinema (sadly you only hear it, so nigh impossible to figure what it was).

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