Black Rose Ascension, 1975 - ★★★½

Black Rose Ascension, 1975 - ★★★½


"Everything in film is staged, its all fake."

- Juzo (Shin Kishida)

F for Fake YOU: When production of his latest pinku film grinds to an halt, due to the stars admission of being pregnant. Neurotic limping filmmaker Juzo won't let his vision fade and searches for a new star.

Another artistic slice of pinku from visionary pervert Tatsumi Kumashiro. 'Kurobara shôten' aka Black Rose Ascension is a pinku that skillfully works outside of the genre's limited boundaries, and becomes more of a satire of adult movie making process itself. Tatsumi Kumashiro clearly having fun with this one, he even subliminally inserts a dramatic suicide clip into a sex scene, sorta like a retort at all the porn clips sublimely inserted into drama films. I like this guy's movies he does smart smut about as good as anyone.

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Hilarious sound editing gags including panting dogs being used to enhance the sound of couples during sex, cats licking milk for blowjob sound fx, ohh and the old dentist chair for screams.

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