Madame de Sade: She Beast in Hell, 1986 - ★★½

Madame de Sade: She Beast in Hell, 1986 - ★★½


“I'm a dog fed by a woman.”

- Ryoicki (Keijirô Shiga)

The Lovin Jarful... On the day of his wedding to Reiko, groom Ryoicki is kidnapped by spurned ex-lover Yumi, who while wearing a wedding dress rapes him. Yumi then keeps him as her sexual prisoner for 3 months, until she concedes the fact Ryoichi will never love or get erect for her. So she lures Reiko (whose now with his brother Sunji) to her house of sin, to help arouse Ryoicki interest in her sadistic games.

Throwaway plot, that excluding the 'whips & chains' features zero relation to De Sade, plus dull characters that lack the charisma of their 60's & 70's relations. 'Madamu Sado: Mesu jigoku' aka 'Madame de Sade: She Beast in Hell' is a mediocre slice of Nikkatsu mid 80's pinku, that at least answered the age old dilemma 'If you can't be with the one you love?'... kidnap them.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Kazuyo Ezaki sinking a bottle of saké, who said Japanese couldn't handle their alcohol. Theres lots of sex, BDSM and CBT (cock & ball torture) but nothing I hadn't seen in a plethora of more interesting roman pornos.

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