Kyrie Eleison, 1993 - ★★★½

Kyrie Eleison, 1993 - ★★★½


“You want to get sick?”

- Aki Kageyama (Kiyomi Ito)

The movie takes its title from Greek phrase “Lord, have mercy”. Gynecology, rape, seppuku, maiesiophilia, astral projection, tokophobia... so, just another day at the office for Hisayasu Sato. The lucid depraved dreams of Inumaru, a goggle wearing coma patient and Aki Kageyama a psychologically unstable pregnant adulteress detective collide. When Aki's lured into the sinister world of KORIN, an hallucinogenic experimental video/wiretapping service to help her stabilize her unbalanced state of mind, and coma patient Inumaru somehow projects himself from his slumber.

When Videodromes Masha says “It has a philosophy, and that is what makes it dangerous.” during Cronenberg's seminal movie, she could have easily been speaking about Hisayasu Sato's movies, because love or loath his work (I'm a huge fan) you can't fault the way he sets his own depraved agenda, with a point blank refusal to compromise his skewed vision.

Kyrie Eleison - a slightly rushed, rough around its edges, lesser offering, he twists similar themes to that of already mentioned 'Videodrome, Coppola's The Conversation and ozploitation horror 'Patrick' into a lo-fi blend of roughie exploitation and headfuck horror cinema.

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“Do you get aroused when you stroke the scar” Sato, ever the intelligent deviant actually taught me something, having never heard of the tokophobia subject before, I read up a little.

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