Malibu Express, 1985 - ★★★½

Malibu Express, 1985 - ★★★½


“Did you hear that she got raped this afternoon by two homosexuals? One held her down and the other one did her hair.”

- Liza (Lorraine Michaels)

Bawdy, sun drenched crime caper from 'honey shot' legend Andy Sidaris. Shit kicking P.I. Cody Abilene (who bares an uncanny resemblance to that famous TV mustacheod P.I.) uses his own unique way of getting hard evidence, when he takes a case to find the murder of a wealthy contessa's husband.

Being a cult movie fan I've known of Andy Sidaris for years, but until this morning I've never really known HIM (or his history). I read an article about 'World Cup 2014' sports coverage that went into the glorious history of the 'honey shot'... which is when the camera zooms onto an attractive female while theres a break in play. Sidaris pioneered the cunning idea to keep the home viewers viewing. Sir, as a sports fan, I salute you.

“God certainly blessed you mam. ”

- Winnebago driver (Andy Sidaris)

Andy Sidaris - The Man Who Invented Sports 'Honey Shot'

Interesting article on a very interesting cult director and guy.

Anyhow back to 'Malibu Express' (named after Cody's houseboat), sure this isn't high art, the plots just a derivative of 80s US TV cop shows, but in its own way its an immensely entertaining film (much better than the previous movies of Sidaris I've seen). Chick magnet P.I. Cody played with a knowing tongue in cheek by Darby Hinton, is a true macho hero who comes across as a likable sexist. Sybil Danning looks hot age or not, and shes joined by dozens of naked playmates. I enjoyed its politically incorrectness, plus everytime a camera man zooms in on a chick during a football game I'll think of Sidaris.

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Muscle fu, hot chicks with guns, hot chicks boobage and hot chicks in hot cars.

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