Black Cat Run, 1998 - ★★★½

Black Cat Run, 1998 - ★★★½


“OK lets play chicken.”

- D.J. Wheeler (Peter Greene)

Black Cat Run's a fantastic under the radar road rage actioner, from the usually reliable D.J. Caruso and co-penned by Frank Darabont. Its a little movie with huge explosions. A trio of prisoners escape while working road detail. To look less conspicuous while being pursued by cops, the criminals kidnap a garage attendants girlfriend. Only her mechanic boyfriend chases them down before they hit Mexico and freedom.

Sure the plot sounds cheesy, which it is. But its action set-pieces and characters are handled so convincingly (thanks to both Caruso & Darabont). For a cable TV Movie made at cost (under 50K if imdb is to be believed) it gives Duel & Hitcher a fair run for their money. Really nice surprise this, and pretty bloody for TV. The leads are aces Patrick Muldoon as the roadster hero, Amelia Heinle makes a mighty pretty damsel in distress and best of all Peter Greene as the psychotic lead criminal. This will be one of those barely seen movies that will likely be picked up by some future Tarantino style director as being an action masterpiece.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Splosions, great driving and witty "hey! f@ck you" style dialog. Ohh and one hell of a crazy OTT ending, featuring Gary Busey's equally batshit crazy brother Jake Busey and more Splosions!!!.

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