Mr. Blob in the Universe, 1988 - ★★★

Mr. Blob in the Universe, 1988 - ★★★


"My name is Ambrose Blot and I am a professor."

- Pan Kleks/Mr. Blot (Piotr Fronczewski)

Strange almost 3hour Czech/Polish childrens fantasy science fiction epic thats akin to watching a Sid and Marty Krofft variant of 'Zardoz' while overdosing on magic mushrooms. It features a wacky magical professor who takes kids on fantastic journeys, and has more aka's than Puff Daddy - Ambroży Kleks aka Pan Kleks, Mr. Blot, Ambrose Blot, Mr. Inkblot, Mr. Blob.

Part 1: Porwanie Agnieszkie | Kidnapping Agnes

A Polish computer genius whose made it big in US returns to his former school in Poland with a super computer that shows movies from the future. He shows the pupils a tale from 25 years in the future about a class not unlike their own, were all the children are numbers and work in robotics. One of the the pupils princess Agnes is kidnapped. The remaining class seek help from a very eccentric professor who lives in a fantasy realm, he suggests they head to a planet named Mongo, so they hire a spaceship named Voltana II to rescue the princess Agnes... to be continued

Part 2: Misja Voltana II | The Voltana II Mission

I needed a break so will add this 2nd segment later, when my next supply of pharmaceuticals comes from silkroad.

Krzysztof Gradowski's family fantastica from 1988 Pan Kleks w kosmosie aka Mr. Blob in the Universe is actually the 3rd and final film in a franchise based on books dating back to the 40's the movies started in 1984 with Akademia pana Kleksa aka Mister Blot's Academy then return with 1986's Podróze pana Kleksa aka Travels of Mr. Kleks there was even an animated adventure in 2001 named Tryumf Pana Kleksa aka Triumph of Mr. Blot thats 8-9 hours of bright crazy shit. Even though it isn't the best example of its kind, this is my type of nonsense. I'm gonna try see the earlier movies that they show clips of during the beginning of this, that look equally inventive and silly.

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My favorite scene from part one was our introduction to the futureshock school were all the kids are numbers. When 7 is late for registration the kids sing a catchy song titled 'Stiff, Regular and Obedient'? with a tutor/caretaker who resembles a Czech Gary Glitter. Eventually 7 gets to class via jetpack, and the kids can finally start learning their higher robotic programing language.

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