Rapture, 1980 - ★★★½

Rapture, 1980 - ★★★½


"But the thing is, it was the rabbit who ate the mushrooms... not us."

- Marta (Marta Fernández Muro)

Driven filmmaker and psychonaut Jose's anxious over his inability to perfect the edit on his latest wolf man picture. He receives a strange film and audio tape by Pedro, the cousin of a former girlfriend he'd only met on two occasions. Which lures Jose into an experimental filming process Pedro had been going crazy perfecting.

Iván Zulueta's 'Arrebato' aka 'Rapture' is an interesting headfuck movie that challenges conventional filmmaking. It's core theme is an artist pushing himself to the outer limits to achieve his goals. For 2 3rds of the movie Zulueta succeeded nobly in keeping me surprised and captivated, but then totally fluffed it in the final 3rd, during Pedro's overly long rapture finding moments which lower the tone to gimmicky horror, that I felt far more resemblance to Willie Wonka's Mike TV, than it ever did to Cronenberg's Max Renn. Eusebio Poncela's was great as Jose, but Will More failed to impress me as Pedro. That aside it does feature some impressive avant garde moments that phase time, in the same way Maya Deren's 'Meshes of the Afternoon' did.

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Betty Boop, stop motion penis, elevator amyl nitrate.

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