Seed 2: The New Breed, 2014 - ½

Seed 2: The New Breed, 2014 - ½


"He's your father, show some fucking respect. He can do things beyond your imagination."

- The Officer (Manoush)

After a wild bachelorette party in Las Vegas, bridesmaid Christine and her friends head back home through the Nevada desert. Only they stumble onto the seed of evil cult who have started worshiping dead serial killer Max Seed, possibly even being his own kin.

Viewed Ass2ass with Uwe Boll's original Seed (insert your own Aronofsky gag here) whose only credited here as exec-prod and original character story. Seed 2: The New Breed written (although shats a better description) and directed by fellow kraut Marcel Walz, throws away any semblance of plot the original had built. Walz then spits in the face of conventional film story continuity by having the plot phase between whats going to happen, whats imagined and erm whatever the fuck else he chooses, because hey hes the boss. Basically its a crude collection of torture segments featuring suicide girl rejects, haphazardly strung together by a Manson Family styled cult built on Max Seed of the original movie. One of the years worst, you can't even enjoying it on a 'soooo-bad' level.

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Taking a Winnebago around Nevada seems bags of fun, sadly this piece of shit never captured that. Granted poor actresses in low budget horror sequels I expect little of outside of looking OK and maybe a glimpse at boobage, but this set of trashy airheads could barely fucking speak.

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