Scrubbers, 1983 - ★★

Scrubbers, 1983 - ★★


"You dirty horrible bastards... wouldn't you just love to get hold of us hey?"

- Annetta Brady (Chrissie Cotterill)

Work detail, bullying, lesbian relationships, ping pong, riots, lettuce licker fu... Scrubbers is the warts and all, day to day banality of the filthy mouthed inmates of an all girls borstal.

I really like Swedish director Mai Zetterling (this being the 4th of her directed movies I've caught recently) sadly 'Scrubbers' isn't a great example of her work or a good movie. It's pitched as a sister film to the better known Scum, that hasn't aged so well. It felt I was watching an amateur dramatics lesson more often than a film.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Wanting Kathy Burke to give it a rest. The hellhole bitches song. Eastender's Pat Butcher turning up as a screw tbh theres probably dozens of actresses from Brit TV, because most the faces looked familiar.

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