Speed Zone, 1989 - ★

Speed Zone, 1989 - ★


“You would like my penis?”

- Frenchman (Jean Pierre Bergeron) offering peanuts

Those cannonballers are back with their biggest trans American illegal road race yet... apparently.

Its rare you'll hear me call Burt Reynolds a genius, but he certainly was in this case for refusing to be involved in this abysmal attempt at making a third Cannonball Run movie. Its so bad they even retitled it Speed Zone (aka Cannonball Fever') so as not to tarnish the franchises good name. Its plot just rips the other movies off, only with an higher emphasis on its inane gags. I felt bad for guys I love like Lee Van Cleef and John Candy, who sadly never looked bigger on screen. I was close to giving it a turkey but for Brook Shields eyebrows and one or two half decent car stunts.

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The attractive Donna Dixon doing her best to impersonate Marlyn Monroe. (*make a mental note did Donna Dixon do porn)

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