Hana-Dama, 2014 - ★★

Hana-Dama, 2014 - ★★


“I want my innocent little Mizuki back.”

- Mom (Kei Fujiwara)

A pair of bullied schoolgirls Mizuki & Kirie alongside their male friend Shibanai, form a blood pact to stick together against their class bullies and deviant faculty heads. After another incident happens against Kirie and Shibanai. Mizuki's forced to take her own revenge, only everytime she does, she starts to sprout a poisonous red flower.

Lo-fi pinku & live-action-hentai master Hisayasu Sato's later work like so many of his extreme Jmovie peers, has grown progressively more stilted. Hana Dama: The Origins starts off so frustratingly pedestrian and teen angsty, you'd be easy mistaken for thinking your watching a Japanese remake of Grange Hill or Degrassi Junior High. Though for the opening hour Sato's merely sowing the seeds for whats to follow. Sadly when he does shift into his more familiar gear, it still feels dated, like hes treading on ground hes walked in many of his earlier movies. As a real fan of his movies, I feel pretty let down having waited so long for something so mediocre.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Tropical fruit milk addiction!. A 'Singing in the Rain' variant!. Trash humping!.

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