The Beast, 1970 - ★★★

The Beast, 1970 - ★★★


“She, she... just wouldn't let me make love, she resisted me.”

- Johnny 'El Gringo' Laster (Klaus Kinski)

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[cough. erm] Pale Rider... Sexual degenerate outlaw Johnny gringo joins a notorious Mexican clan. At first his crazy antics fit their style but he his unorthodox banditing methods prove too much for them when he kidnaps and savagely rapes a wealthy landowners daughter.

Mario Costa bawdy spaghetti western 'La Belva'/'The Beast'' or The Taste of Revenge (UK)/Rough Justice (US)' and no doubt another dozen names per different countries. It was my fourth Klaus Kinski movie in row, but I've some real catching up to do yet because he was no stranger to westerns having appeared in a staggering 21 (if SWDB's are to be believed). In 'The Beast' he plays the man with no shame Johnny Gringo, an American outlaw whose fled south of the border to hide from trouble. Hes not a typical western outlaw here though, hes far more akin to the sick depraved rapists you had in Japanese pinku movies of that era. The film outside of its characters bawdy antics is pretty flat, but I'm sure it'll have generate a considerable cult appeal among exploitation fans.

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The Ennio Morricone influenced score by Stelvio Cipriani was amazing.

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