The Evil, 1978 - ★★★½

The Evil, 1978 - ★★★½


"I can only fight what I believe exists.."

- C.J. Arnold (Richard Crenna)

Hilarious b-movie possessed house horror, when EVIL forces hold a doctor and his guests captive, will they have the wits and spirit to survive.

The Evil aka House of Evil is the perfect example of a good bad movie. The body counts huge, and horror set pieces so wildly over the top you won't care that its plots inanely bad and flat out horrendous at times. Richard Crenna's amazing, he sorta reminded me of Bryan Cranston's in this. Plus how can you not warm to Victor Buono's crazy turn as the Santa Clause styled Devil. Agreeably It doesn't have the critical respect or cool factor of either Poltergeist or Hausu but its equally as weird, and far funnier.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Dog attacks, people burning, electrocution, DIY hand sawing off, the black chick floating around the room then having her clothes ripped off by pesky spirits was my personal highlight. Ohh and that batshit ending of course takes some beating.

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