The Yesterday Machine, 1963 - ★★★

The Yesterday Machine, 1963 - ★★★


"Hitler will return, and soon Mr. Crandall. Your victory was merely temporary."

- Nazi Scientist Ernest Von Hauser (Jack Herman)

While enjoying the countryside with her boyfriend Howie, baton twiddling cheerleader Margie De Mar gets abducted by a pair of men in civil war costumes. Jim Crandall investigates the incident and stumbles onto a sinister plot by a old nazi concentration camp scientist. Who has been secretly working on a way of resurrecting Germans WWII's world domination effort with his time machine.

High camp, b&w b-movie sci-fi shitacular, from rac (ending in 'y' or 'ist' depending on viewer) Texan Russ Marker. If you disregard its primitive production values and lousy pacing, its an extremely rewarding and shit funny movie experience. And one thats packed with quotable dialog and silly politically correct themes (by the way congrats Germany on the World Cup win, who said EU teams couldn't win in south America). Thumbs up to James Britton as Jim and Jack Herman as Hauser for getting through the script without dying of laughter.

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Hauser explaining his time travel theory (for what seemed like an eternity) was like watching an open university docu. Egorectomy?

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