Under the Rainbow, 1981 - ★½

Under the Rainbow, 1981 - ★½


“From Germany huh?, you must be from Düsseldwarf.”

- Ventriloquist Midget (Bobby Porter)

An Hotelier leaves his incapable nephew in charge for a weekend, and sure as shit sticks he makes a serious boob by overbooking. Among the guests are the munchkin cast of Wizard of Oz, Japanese assassins, secret agents, German master criminals and countless other oddballs.

The legendary MGM version of 'Wizard of Oz' spawned many amazing stories and myths, one of the most hilarious and often told was the the on-set and off-set stories of its height restricted actors. This is no doubt what formed the idea for 'Under The Rainbow'. The trouble is what sounds good in your head or on paper doesn't always cross over to the screen, and boy did this not cross over well. Its a true stinker, not even Alan Smithee would put his name to it. Because of all the haphazard Oz references like the yellowbrick road, flying monkeys and Oz itself, I wanted to like it I really did, but its bad mmkay,

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The usually reliable Chevy Chase dozed through this one, Billy Barty's great as the little Hitler, and Carrie Fisher looked surprisingly sexy as hell (of hand I can't recall her ever looking this good).

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