On the Run, 1968 - ★★½

On the Run, 1968 - ★★½


“I say your a bit lardy dardy aren't you.”

- Lil (Tracey Collins)

Three adventurous kids suspect their local neighbors are mixed up with something untoward. Eventually they learn they're a gang of smugglers and end up uncovering their hidden seaside cavern.

Routine children's movie from Children's Film Foundation, that featuring Gordon Jackson. Highlight for me was the

scene the two boys use a wall to get from A-B, reminded me of the brilliant Japanese movie Picnic. Then when the kids are hidden under a shed the neighbor puts cement and glass on the wall so they can't use it for an exit.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Baldy the henchman was pretty damn nasty. Little cockney kid Lil never shutting up, kinda shocked looking on imdb she never did anything after.

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