Windy City Heat, 2003 - ★★

Windy City Heat, 2003 - ★★


"Break a leg!"

- The Director (Bobcat Goldthwait)

Perry 'the little fridge' Caravello believes hes landed his big break playing Stone Fury in a faux noir action flick titled 'Windy City Heat', only the whole productions an elaborate prank to showcase how much of a fool he is... apparently.

If this had been done for real to an aspiring actor, it'd have been comedy gold. Sadly, its so obviously faked. The whole movies vibe is blown within a few minutes when Perry's fucktard buddies are introduced, then the movie turns into bargain basement episode of 'Entourage'. Fairplay to Goldthwait and his typewriter monkeys for coming up with an interesting concept, but he blew it execution wise. If the jokes had actually been funny it could have worked as a mockumentary.

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Odd inclusion of an 'Escape to Victory' moment, only with a basketball game featuring Nazi soldiers and Jewish prisoners (now thats a movie Bob should make). Romanian Yergi's hot models.

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