Shakes the Clown, 1991 - ★★★

Shakes the Clown, 1991 - ★★★


"Make me believe your that little pussy."

- Mime Tutor (Robin Williams)

The Clown That Dried... out: Darkly hilarious grossout comedy following a washed up alcoholic clown Shakes, who gets framed for the crime of killing of his own booking agent Mr. Cheese.

I caught Bobcat Goldthwait's directorial debut 'Shakes the Clown' back on its release and in truth thought it sucked. Since then its grown a substantial cult following especially among Juggalos who rank it as their 'Citizen Kane'. He's clearly struggling between pleasing his 'Police Academy' fans by doing his squeaky voice shtick, but also trying to branch into something different. Its still a preeetty bad movie, but also a weirdly funny badtaste one. Which does tackle alcoholism pretty well (in the same way as Barney from The Simpsons does). The clown of course representing the fact Charles aka Shakes never grew up, which you learn when he gives a genuinely heartfelt alcoholics anonymous speech towards the end, I've been cleaning myself out recently (hence the overkill of moovies) so might steal it on my next awareness meet. Its also become notable for featuring an early Adam Sandler performance. Enjoyed it and glad I watched it again, which I can't honestly say for every 90s comedy.

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Judy's (Julie Brown whose great in this) cute speech impediment and her dweam of being a bowler. Great seeing Sydney Lassick as Pep the barman clown. And the 'Invisible Rope' school of mime is pure comic gold, featuring Robin Williams.

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