Woods Are Wet, 1973 - ★★★★½

Woods Are Wet, 1973 - ★★★★½


“Like a donkey f@*king an hippopotamus... time for a party!”

Ryûnosuke (Hatsuo Yamaya)

Even DeSade would blush... After 19 year old Sachiko Murai is falsely accused of killing her mistress, she hides out in the surounding woodland wilderness. After days alone shes eventually taken in by a soft spoken saviour Yoko, whose the sexually frustrated manageress of a remote hotel deep within the forest. Yoko turns Sachiko into a plaything for her own latent lesbian urges, a whore for wandering loggers and a subservient slave for her wicked husband Ryûnosuke's cruelty.

WARNING: Trust me on this one, I'm not saying this to sensationalize the film (it doesn't need help for that) I've seen more than my share of wild Asian oddities but this is e-xXx-treme stuff, nothing prepares you for what happens when Sachiko's finally taken to room #11.

Onna jigoku: mori wa nureta aka Woods Are Wet: Womans Hell skillfully written (the nod to Shakespeares Hamlet towards the end wasn't lost on me) & directed by Tatsumi Kumashiro, is as blood thirstily twisted, perverse and brutally unpleasant a slice of Nikkatsu debauchery, that your likely to find in their entire archive. Its just thoroughly deplorable... [cough, erm] needless to say I absolutely loved it, you could easy lay claim to it being the 'Salo: 120 Days of Sodom' of pinku cinema.

The opening slow, almost arthouse buildup creates a perfect background for the unsavory dark desires of the hotels sadistic necrophiliac owner Ryûnosuke, Hatsuo Yamaya giving a mind blowing performance. His character oozes insanity, he even has the audacity to pass his actions off as being akin to a lion eating a zebra, that humans have a right to express their true inner savage. It certainly won't appeal to everyones tastes, but if you are a fan of roman porno or extreme cinema in any way shape or form its essential viewing, guaranteed to leave you spewing.

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Having my senses drained, near obliterated.

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