Dan Candy's Law, 1974 - ★★½

Dan Candy's Law, 1974 - ★★½


"You just took on board a one man act of God."

- Mounty Sgt. Dan Candy (Donald Sutherland)

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After his friends killed, Canadian Mounty Sgt. Dan Candy wows to the mans 10 year old son that he'll not rest until he catches the Cree Indian responsible.

Dictatorially crude western from Canada eh!, thats based on an interesting real story of 'Almighty Voice' that just about makes it worth sticking with. Must have been personal local interest for Donald Sutherland to have taken the role, because he was making so many bigger movies South of the border back then. I may have enjoyed they a little bit more given a better print, because the one I viewed was badly washed out.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Candy's preposterous horse beetle warning, and his magical vest ripping yarn. LOL'ing at the Injun calling the monarchy, ride on brother.

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