Against a Crooked Sky, 1975 - ★★½

Against a Crooked Sky, 1975 - ★★½


"You brought me to the end of the rainbow, yoweee sweet yellow gold."

- Russian (Richard Boone)

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Teenager Sam Sutter heads out to save his sister, after shes kidnapped by a tribe of gold bling'd up apache injuns. Sam befriends Russian, a drunk eager to reap the apaches gold. And an elderly tongueless Indian guide wanting to return to his peoples land before he dies.

Against a Crooked Sky starts out like a sort of lightweight The Searchers variant that changes midpoint when Sam accepts a challenge to race the sun and prove hes willing to risk his own life for his families. Its a fun simplistic western adventure featuring a great co-performance from Richard Boone as the grouchy drunken hobo.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Russian's 'I found a b'ar' song. Charlotte Sutter's naked swim. The great tracking shot of Sam's test.

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