Day of the Wolves, 1971 - ★★★½

Day of the Wolves, 1971 - ★★★½


"One wolf can maul a full flock of sheep, imagine what seven can do!"

- No.1 (Jan Murray)

Enjoyable heist b-movie about an audacious gang of 7 specialists that attempt to fly into a small town to rob their banks. Within a certain timeframe, before the city authorities are alerted and reach them.

Viewed because I was expecting it to be a revisionist western (especially being included on Mill Creek's Gunslinger Classics 50 Movie Pack), it does give a western vibe but isn't set in frontier era, so I'm not gonna throw it into Sunday machismovision films (*I have got the director Ferde Grofé Jr western The Proud and Damned lined up for next time). If your willing to let Day of the Wolves crude aesthetics and clearly none actor cast slip, its a damned entertaining film that would make a perfect double feature with The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, which came a few years later.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

The clown wig-out fade to credits. The gang training, naming each other by numbers (No.1 through No.7) and walking down the street in black was most definitely plagiarized by a certain Mr. Taraninto of Knoxville Tennessee.

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