El Topo, 1970 - ★★★★½

El Topo, 1970 - ★★★★½


"Destroy me. Never depend on me."

- El Topo (Alejandro Jodorowsky)

..:: Machismovision: Wow The West Was Fun - Film #22 ::..

Bury your childhood, your memory of your mother and don't depend (& destroy) your father... because you are a man now son, and the mosses like Jodorowsky is riding into your subconscious with his allegorical acid western freakshow 'El Topo', with the grand intention of taking you on a spiritual journey to open your third eye.

Cult classic that I'm sure everyones seen multiple times, I've caught it several times now, first back in my teens on Alex Cox's brilliant BBC cult movie showcases Moviedrome. I'm still no wiser to WTF is going much of its duration, but its so lunatic inclined I doubt anyone does. If ever theres a movie you notice different things each viewings El Topo is it. Its split in several key chapters, each detailing El Topo's (the Mole's) ongoing journey to find his own meaning. Like my last few Sundays Machismovision's its hard to legitimately class it as a western, but its about the closes genre it fits (its sorta more akin to a rock opera without the rock, hence why Lennon and his musical buddies fell for its surreal charms).

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Overload of religious, fertility & Illuminati symbolism; amputees; flute playing; lizard phallic substitutes; egg crushing; naked monk riding; suicide; rape (possibly even real if you believe AJ's own comments); love; death; caverns; penis rocks...

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