Kalt wie Eis, 1981 - ★★½

Kalt wie Eis, 1981 - ★★½


"Did you know that these guys keep spiders, snakes and other disgusting animals as pets? Disgusting animal!"

- Hoffmann (Rolf Eden)

Dave fakes a suicide to escape from a youth detention prison. He longs to be with his girl Corinna, and get revenge on the corrupt lawyer Kowalski who framed him. Only Corinna's now mixed up with a wealthy fraudulent insurance boss named Hoffman, so Dave decides its time for him to strike back.

Carl Schenkel's Kalt wie Eis aka Cold Like Ice / Strike Back is a post punk, disenfranchised youth rebellion movie, with a protagonist that loses focus on why he's actually rebelling. Obviously meant as some sort of call to arms statement about not taking it like a bitch. Sadly for all its 2+2=5 styled faux news propaganda, it only really managed to work as a violent crime movie.

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Hoffman's homosexual razor thugs. Brigitte Wöllner was lovely looking. Fuck you Quadrophenia this is how to end your life on a bike.

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