Life After Beth, 2014 - ★★

Life After Beth, 2014 - ★★


"I love you more Beth."

- Zach (Dane DeHaan)

Off kilter zomromcom, about teenagers being deadly in love. When young and gifted Beth is bitten by a snake and suddenly dies, her parents and boyfriend are left in a state of shock. But are left in more shock days later, when she makes a Lazarus like return.

Damn, another movie everyone seems to be enjoying left, right and center, but me. Life After Beth is poised someplace between Warm Bodies & Garden State. Its a very jack of all-trades (zom-rom-com) movie, that sadly never masters either genre very well. Its certainly no true horror, or zombie flesh chowdowner. Its romance felt like it had been penned in glitter ink by a 14 year old (daddy still calls princess... i wubs u more). And comedy wise its more the odd smirk here and there, than all out belly laughs, it does work best as light comedy. John C. Reilly & Larry Davids onscreen wife Cheryl Hines are the only two actors I'd seen before (or at least remembered seeing), Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan and the rest do fine. I'm guessing lots of viewers be screaming go with Anna Kendrick she ain't gonna bite your cock off. I can see why people have fallen for this, its well made fluff, but it wasn't for me.

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Biggest laugh came from the oven gag, that prop was hilarious and really looked heavy as shit.

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