Peter Cook At a Slight Angle to the Universe, 2002 - ★★★★

Peter Cook At a Slight Angle to the Universe, 2002 - ★★★★


"Just because I'm called Mr. Jolly doesn't mean I have to be Jolly all the fucking time."

- Mr. Jolly (Peter Cook)
clip from the Comic Strip

BBC TV documentary tracing the life of the comedian and satirist from his school days, through the Cambridge Footlights, to Beyond the Fringe and his partnership with Dudley Moore. Through to co-owning Public Eye and his decline into bit part TV and his struggle with alcoholism.

Fact filled documentary mixing new interviews from those who worked with and loved him the most, during his ups and downs. With archive comedy clips and interviews with Cook and his Beyond the Fringe chums. It captures Cook as a man who struggled with life, especially later on at his pain of peoples expectations of him being funny 24-7.

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The archive clips of the man himself are always a treat to see again.

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